How to Optimize Intel HD Graphics For Gaming & Performance The Ultimate Guide For All Games 2020 1

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GPU Drivers: nVidia / Geforce:
AMD / Radeon:


First Step You Need To Open Intel Graphics Option from Desktop.
New Popup Screen Appear Click on Advance Mode.

Open Intel Graphics Settings in Advance Mode Press OK.

Now I will Show Best Settings For Intel HD Graphics That Dramatically Boost Your Fps And Fix Lag Spikes For ALL Games.

Click On Display Tap Now First Step You Need To Set Your Screen Resolution According To Your Screen And Then Set Refresh Rate 60Hz.

Now Click on 3D Tab click on custom settings now set 3D performance Quality To Performance.

Now Turn on Application Optimal Mode.

Now Next Step Click On Power Tab And Set Power Plan
Balance to Maximum Performance

This Will Increase Your Performance of Your Intel GPU For Gaming And Performance.

Now Click Apply And OK.

STEP 2: Regedit Settings For Intel

Now go to start menu search run and open it after open run then type regedit and open regedit menu.

Now Follow This Path And Search For Windows Folder.

Now Open Windows Click on properties and edit windows value.

Set Windows Value 30720

STEP 3: Best Performance Settings

First Open PC Properties now Click on System Properties And Click on Advance Tab.

Now Click on settings and set windows 10 best performance settings

Click on Apply And Press OK.

STEP 4: Process Lasso Guide

Now First You Need To Install Process Lasso Pro Software. Process lasso Crack Version Given in Intel HD Graphics Pack.

Now First install the process lasso after install Extract the activator file of process lasso after extraction complete now open activator and activate process lasso.

After Activation Open Process Lasso And Set Power Plan Balance To Bit Sum Highest Performance. Highest Performance Power Plan Dramatically Increase Your Fps in Any Game Like PUBG,Fortnite,CSGO,Apex Legend etc.

Now Last You Need To Enable the Pro Balance Option.
Now Apply All Settings And Minimize Process Lasso.

STEP 5: System Optimizer Guide

So First Open Intel HD Graphics Pack now in this folder you can see a Advance System Optimizer with Crack So First You Need To Install Advance System optimizer with Crack.

After installation completed now you need to register the advance system care with key.
So Open System Optimizer Keygen And Copy Register key from there.

Now open Advance System Care Application And Click on Register Tab And Paste registration key there.

After Registration Completed Click on Start Smart PC Care.

Advance System Care Working:-

System Cleaner

System Cleaner Clean your hard drive, and make everything on your Windows PC run faster. System Cleaner removing old and new files from your hard drive, your files will load faster, and Your Games run Faster & Smooth.
Now Click ON Scan Button And For Few Minutes After Optimizer Complete Its Optimization.

Now After Scan Completed Click on Optimized And Wait For Few Seconds After Optimizer and Completely remove junks files from your PC and Makes Your PC Run Faster And Smoother.

Game Optimizer

Game Optimizer makes your computer Faster Game Optimizer increase your games FPS And Fix Any Lag And Stop Stutter Problem While Playing Games. Game Optimizer temporarily Block Instant messaging, update notifications, and other interruptions until you've left game mode and returned to normal mode.

Add Any Game in Advance Game Optimizer Give Games Location in optimizer And Click on Start Optimized.

GPU Drivers:
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